Our vehicles are renowned for both quality and reliability and it may be tempting to delay servicing your vehicle until you notice a problem, but that is where we want to stress for you to think otherwise. Regular maintenance not only keeps your vehicle running at an optimum level; it also will catch small issues before they become expensive problems.

Your owner's manual has plenty of good information on both short and long term maintenance schedules for your vehicle. From suggesting a mileage and time limit for oil changes to a mileage window for replacing your timing belt, it has time-tested information straight from the manufacturer. Regular maintenance includes topping up coolant, changing air filters, checking tire pressure and tread depth, rotating tires, replacing headlights and keeping the exterior waxed.

Long Term Maintenance

Long term maintenance tasks include inspecting or replacing transmission and transfer case fluid, spark plugs, timing and serpentine belts and shocks. You may also need your front and possibly rear differential fluid levels inspected and topped up and the coolant exchange system inspected to see if the fluid needs replacing.

Prepare for the Change of the Seasons

There are also seasonal tasks that are a good idea to perform in the autumn and spring to ready your car for the extremes of winter and summer. They include inspecting the battery for corrosion and testing its capacity to hold a charge, switching tires to those appropriate for either snowy or hot pavement, checking antifreeze and replacing wiper blades for those designed to clear snow in the event we get snow in Thousand Oaks.

Why Service Your Vehicle at Simi valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Bringing your vehicle to the dealership for service has several benefits. Certified mechanics will be experts in the nooks and crannies of your vehicle and therefore can complete work more correctly and efficiently than a general mechanic. Dealership mechanics also use certified parts and engine fluids suggested by the manufacturer, so you'll always have peace of mind that your car is receiving the very best care.


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